Saturday, February 24th, 2018

 They Laughed When I Said


Then I pulled out a stack of titles …

 … and they got real quiet.

I stumbled onto this phenomenal strategy 6 years ago. Someone actually offered me their mobile home, which was in good condition, and in a really nice area, for free.

Since then, I have gotten 107 mobile homes for free. Here are a few pictured below:

I didn't think anything about it until Molly, a single mother with 4 children, came to me, in tears. She was behind on her rent, almost $900 per month, and the marshall was going to put her out in the street. She was trying, and failing, to build a life for herself and her kids because she was always paying too much rent, and running out of paycheck before she ran out of month.

So I showed her how to get a mobile home for free. It was the only way she could afford one. You should see how happy she and her kids are now!



Picture of Billy RoyI'm Billy Roy from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. When I heard about getting a mobile home for free, I thought about it a while. Then I asked my Dad, who I trust with everything, and he laughed. He said, "Billy Roy, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

I love my Dad and respect him … but I had nothing to lose, so I got Uncle Zally's book. When I told Uncle Zally I had trouble reading, because words got jumbled up, he made me a special video. I watched that video every day for 3 weeks. I just couldn't get it into my head that I could really do it.

And then one morning I went out and did it!

I invited my Dad over to see the home I got for free. I showed him the title with my name on it, and he shook his head and said, "Son, I can't believe it!"

So I handed my Dad another title, for another free mobile home I got.

Only this title had HIS NAME ON IT. My Dad had been a renter all his life, and now he was an owner, like me. And he was a believer in Uncle Zally's method.

Thank you Uncle Zally. You didn't just change my life, you changed my Dad's life, too.


Since helping Molly and Billy Roy, I've helped many others. Word of mouth was so strong I was swamped with requests … but there was only one of me … I couldn't personally do this for everyone.


Getting people to give you a free mobile home is not rocket science. It's a simple process that I have broken down, step by step, in my new book, How to Get a Free Mobile HomeHow To Get A Free Mobile Home.

How much is it? $1995. That's right. Less than 20 bucks. But it will be worth thousands to you, and it will change your life.

Now you will be able to:

 - Own something of value …YOUR OWN HOME

 - Decide who lives with you and who doesn't

 - Have the pets of your choosing

 - Have your own parking spot

 - Show your friends, family, and children you can make a better life for them



When you order HOW TO GET A FREE MOBILE HOME, I am going to send you another book, called DON'T GET RIPPED OFF ON YOUR MOBILE HOME. It's a $1995 value, but I am going to include it as a FREE BONUS because I don't want you getting taken to the cleaners, even with a free mobile home, that will eat you up alive with repairs. I am going to show you how to protect yourself.

It's crazy to go out in the mobile home marketplace without being armed with information, and this is the way to get it.



You are also How to Sound like a Pro when you Buy a Mobile homegoing to call people to find your FREE MOBILE HOME, and I have discovered most people are scared stiff of talking to strangers … and then negotiating.

So I wrote another book to help you. It's called HOW TO SOUND LIKE A PRO BUYING A MOBILE HOME. I can guarantee you will impress people with your know-how after you read this book.

It's a $995 value, but I am going to add it for FREE because I want to help you, and make you into a super deal maker.



There is one last FREE SPECIAL BONUS I am including because many people are like Billy Roy and they just don't like learning from books.  

After I created a video for Billy, I decided to turn it  THE 30 MINUTE VIDEO,    GETTING A FREE MOBILE HOME. Can you imagine it? For the same time it takes you to watch a REALITY TV SHOW, you can learn how to change YOUR  REALITY and get yourself a home. \A FREE HOME.

This video is a $99 value that I am adding in FOR FREE!

                  But you have to hurry!

           That's right, you have to decide right now!

The conditions that created this opportunity are changing as you read this. If you don't act fast, they'll be gone! 

So grab this easy to read book- HOW TO GET A FREE MOBILE HOME.

It's written by an expert, your own Uncle Zally. I've been getting good deals for over 30 years, and 107 mobile homes for free in the last six. I've taught more than 5,000 people around the world how to get a better life investing in real estate.

But I remember when I didn't know how to get started, when owning a home sounded like an impossible dream. I remember living in a crummy, roach infested apartment in Brooklyn, with no heat and no hot water. I remember pleading with my landlord, telling him, "It's colder inside my apartment than outside on the street!" 

And I remember his answer.

"So go outside."

You won't have to suffer with that. You have your Uncle Zally on your side.

I wrote this easy to use STEP BY STEP guide for you, showing you how to choose the Mobile Home you are going to live in - FOR FREE! This book takes you by the hand and shows the easy steps to finding it. 


- How to Get a Free Mobile Home, with 5 strategies for doing it, for only $1995

- Don't Get Ripped Off on Your Mobile Home, an additional FREE book, a $1995 value,

- How to Sound Like a Pro Buying a Mobile Home, an additional FREE book, a $995 value,

30 MINUTE VIDEO, a $99 value,  for FREE, walking you through getting a free mobile home 


And you have an unconditional money back guarantee. If you are unhappy any time, we will refund your money.

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Remember, you now have an Uncle in the Mobile Home Business.

And when Zally is your Uncle, he is your Uncle for Life.

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Come get your home before someone else steals it out from under you!

Heck, if you can impress me the way that Molly and Billy Roy impressed me, with your drive and desire, I might even give you one of my mobile homes … for free. BUT YOU HAVE TO TRY TO DO IT FIRST, ON YOUR OWN!