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Kangaroo Kronicles 37 – Are You Crazy?

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Kangaroo Kronicles 37 Are you Crazy?
“Uncle Zally” / Stu Silver
How to Buy a Mobile Home with Uncle Zally“Are you Crazy?” was on the subject line of an email I recently received. How could I resist reading it?
This was in the body of the email:
April….u crazy? :) )
I can't wait that long! finally, someone that hits the nail on the head,,,,and with humour. I found you on SG McKnights USA DVD. I have been hunting the perfect setup in USA for 2 years and BINGO…leased mobile parks, probably over 55's, is it, lightening flash, drum roll!
He went on to say he wanted to:
create a family wealth cycle to freedom, rather than economic slavery, and to do good with that freedom. We are essentially of the Kiosaki investing mindset currently leaning towards the Velvel mindset.
Stu, do you have any private opportunities available before April…I love your style and love of life, and are an investing genius.
I didn’t plan on doing another SAM camp until April 18th, as you know, but I am a sucker for complements. If you call me “an investing genius,” I’ll probably conduct a SAM Camp on the Moon, in the middle of a hurricane, or snowstorm, depending on the time of year.
But that is not what I want to write about. What I want to discuss is another idea he had:

Another idea, I simply able to hire you as a consultant and help me find a couple of safe deals that get us to our target cash flow? I am not super concerned about a few of the investing methods, simply want good cf with safe tenants with potential of capital gains
How to Buy a Mobile Home with Uncle ZallyIn other words, rather than train him, he wanted me to just find him a few good deals that would give him cash flow, and appreciation, with as little time involvement as possible. This was my response:
As to your idea of, “I simply hire you as a consultant and help me find a couple of safe deals that get us to our target cash flow.”
You are doing that anyway by attending the camp. Together we will find you deals, show you how to become wealthy, while at the same time, protect yourself, and manage them properly. That way, if I get run over by a bus, then you will be able to function and become wealthy without me.
This is not the first time I have been offered this, and it will probably not be the last. Each time I refuse, not because it’s not in my best interest, but because it is not in an investor’s best interest.
When Zally is your Uncle he is your Uncle for lifeI want to train and mentor my adopted nieces and nephews so they don’t need me, which is true economic freedom. Yes, when Zally is your Uncle, he is your uncle for life, and it’s not economic slavery. Economic slavery is binding yourself to a “guru” or “an investing genius.” I have been around enough gurus and investing geniuses to know they can lose your money faster and better than you can, and with a lot less regrets.
Therefore, if any of you also think I’m crazy to wait for April to do the next SAM Camp, and would like one a little sooner, say around Wednesday, February 22, 23, 24, & 26, please get in touch with me. I will be doing it in Fort Myers, Florida, which is like the Garden of Eden at that time – sunny, breezy, 75 degrees (Fahrenheit, that’s 24 degrees Celsius, Aussies.) We won’t be doing it on the Moon because it is too cold there in February.
When Zally is your Uncle he is your Uncle for lifeI would like to close with a few thoughts about funny. I have met people who survived the Holocaust and concentration camps, which is one of the worst experiences a human being can endure. They have one thing in common – and it is NOT a love of God or great faith. Some became religious afterwards, and some became atheists, even angry at God.
But they had a sense of humor – which is really a gift from God,  whether you believe in Him or not.
Cheers, mates!

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